The debut CD of Kumu Hula Marlo Caramat (For The Love Of Music) is a combination of both Hawaiian and Tahitian music, respectively. Throughout the years, Marlo has garnered accolades and respect from the Hawaiian and Tahitian community thanks to his first Kumu Hula, the late Tiare Clifford. She mastered not only the arts of Hula and Ori Tahiti, but she dedicated her life to further perpetuating the Polynesian culture through dance.  These songs and drumming tracks are a testament to the same dedication/devotion Marlo has to these two beautiful cultures.

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First and foremost, I would like to thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ for the making this CD possible. For giving a humble Filipino-American the blessings of teaching and singing two cultures not of my own. Mahalo Ke Akua!!

Secondly, I would like to thank my wife Gigi and my two children, Jei-na and Kalani. Thank you for enduring this journey with me. From the countless times I have been away from home because of either teaching or performing in a show to the actual recording sessions in Hawai’i, I couldn’t have done this without your unconditional support. I love you!!

To my mom (Naty) and sister (Marie): Your behind the scenes help from starting the halau to where we are today is indicative of the support you give to your son/brother. Love you both!

To Kenneth Makuakāne, mere words cannot express your guidance with this project. Thank you for believing in me and creating this “you” sound. Looking forward to another 20 years of brotherhood and friendship.

To Kelii Bush and TIO, thank you for the use of the pahu, fa’atete and ihara. Lending your drumming talents on one of the tracks made the sound complete. Thank you my bruddah!

To Keali’i Reichel, mahalo for your blessing of recreating your two songs. I hope to make you proud with these new renditions. Love to you and Puna!

To my lineage of four nā Kumu Hula: Tiare Clifford, O’Bryan Eselu, Sonny Ching and Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu - - thank you for laying the foundation and entrusting your culture with me. I promise to make you all proud as I carry your teachings with me wherever I go. I am grateful and honored to call you all my Kumu.

To David Villanueva Photography and Rick Oulette Photography, thank you two gentlemen for capturing the images of what is being displayed. Your craftsmanship is second to none.

To the wonderful musicians who I have had the honor of singing for: Chris Haw, Dan McCrossen, Rolando Vargas, Casey Vargas, Art Sap, Roger Tapac and the late Nate DeFiesta. Thank you for lending your talents from the inception of the halau and the present. I look forward to many more venues with you all.

Last but not least, to my nā haumana and hālau: Nā Kamali’i A Kiele / Te Mau Tamari’i A Tiare. You have all supported me from day “zero” with this project. Without your unconditional support and love, this journey would not have been possible. Looking to sharing many more memories with you all. Special thanks to Gigi, Chris, Gina, Michelle, Marge, Paul, May, Rose, Jane, Iris, Lorraine, Casey, Ana and Kay for holding down the halau in all of my absences. I love you all!